Interview with Mr. Shao Changbo, General Manager of Shandong Hengjia High Purity Aluminum Technology
2019-07-23 494

Since the establishment of Zibo Yuantai Refractories Co., Ltd. in 2003, it has started to act as an agent for well-known raw material enterprises at home and abroad. By 2006, Shandong Zhongshan High Temperature Resistant Material Co., Ltd. was established to produce high-quality activated alpha-Al2O3 and calcined alpha-Al2O3. Then, in 2014, Shandong Hengjia High-Purity Aluminum Technology Co., Ltd. was established to mainly produce sintering. Corundum, sintered magnesia-alumina spinel products.
      From acting as an agent for refractory raw materials to producing high-grade refractory raw materials instead of imported products, Shao Changbo Shao, the head of the three companies, wrote a legend of refractory raw materials enterprises. Now we are honored to invite Shao to show us his legendary history of entrepreneurship and development.

Wang Yanru: First of all, thank Shao for accepting my interview. I have only heard a little about the history of Shao's entrepreneurship and development. I would also like to ask Shao to give an introduction, which may provide a reference for the development of some industry enterprises.

Mr. Shao: I graduated from refractory industry in 1998. I just caught up with the last economic crisis. State-owned refractory enterprises are generally very difficult. After the teacher recommended to work in Zibo Kelu Company, engaged in the technical work of refractory for circulating fluidized bed boilers. Then, I had the privilege of contacting the experts of Eiken Company and Kanos Company, and felt that there was a big gap between our country and foreign advanced technology at that time. Later, Zibo Yuantai Refractories Co., Ltd. was established to act as the general agent of foreign brand refractory raw materials in Shandong Province. In the process of acting as an agent, we have gradually understood the importance that foreign companies attach to the quality stability of refractory raw materials and customer application technology research.
In the process of acting as agent for silica powder and refractory cement, it was found that high temperature alumina powder, one of the three main refractory materials, was also monopolized by foreign companies, so it was determined to analyze and develop high quality activated alpha-Al2O3 powder.

   In 2006, 50 mu of land was purchased and production of the plant has been officially started. Starting from small-scale production of inverted flame kiln, to build 108 meters tunnel kiln in large-scale production in 2009, one step at a time, always adhere to the quality policy of "high quality and stability". Facts have proved that product quality is the best marketing method for enterprises. The high-quality active alpha-Al2O3 powder products produced by the company are highly recognized by customers, and the products are always in short supply.
      In 2016, in order to enrich the product line, an advanced high temperature rotary kiln production line was invested and constructed for the production of high quality calcined alpha-Al2O3 powder with a capacity of 15,000 tons per year. At present, pilot production has been completed, and normal large-scale production will be carried out in 2017.
The company's long-term development orientation is to develop and produce high-quality alumina series high-purity refractory raw materials. With the continuous development and growth of the company, Shandong Hengjia High-purity Aluminum Technology Stock Co., Ltd. was established in 2014. At present, a 20,000-ton plate corundum production line has been put on the market and the market reaction is good.


Wang Yanru: It is known that the raw materials produced or imported by foreign-funded enterprises are famous for their stable quality, so the price is much higher than that of domestic materials. Shao always seems to be committed to the production of high-grade refractory raw materials to replace imported products. I would like to know how Shao always achieved independent production of alternative or comparable imported raw materials.
General Shao: Yes. Quality stability is the advantage of foreign-funded enterprises. All enterprises also claim that quality is the first purpose, but they have not achieved much.
I think the understanding of quality must be in-depth, first of all, what kind of quality do customers need? Why? How can we achieve it? How to control quality effectively? How to verify the quality? Wait a minute... All these are technical problems, not that we can solve them by attaching importance to quality. This requires long-term professional, dedicated, focused in-depth research to achieve, if only to make money is difficult to achieve, and I am doing technology, research these are my interests, return to make money and then invest in technology.
Therefore, we have just started to build our own laboratory. With the expansion of the scale, the investment of laboratory equipment has been increasing. Especially since 2013, more than 8 million yuan has been invested. The most advanced X-ray fluorescence analyzer (XRF), X-ray diffraction analyzer (XRD), electronic scanning electron microscopy (SEM), Malvin laser particle size analyzer and nanometer have been successively installed. Rice granulometer, nitrogen adsorption BET, high temperature bending tester, load-soft creep tester, thermal shock tester, pressure tester, bending tester and a series of quality testing equipment. Thus, like foreign-funded enterprises, the company's product "Fast On-line Detection and Analysis" has been realized, which has laid a solid foundation for ensuring quality and stability.
        Refractory window Wang Yanru: Sintered corundum market competition is fierce. As a new sintered corundum enterprise, how does Mr. Shao face the competition of veterans and what methods have he adopted to make Hengjia stand out in the market?
Mr. Shao: Yes, the market competition of sintered corundum is really fierce. After our analysis, we found that only through product quality differentiation competition can we make a difference. The reason why we put up the plate corundum project is also related to this.
I remember at a meeting, Professor Ye raised the quality of sintered corundum in China. During the exchange, he raised the question of "whether domestic products can be made like foreign products in the end, but not". So we think that different quality products have different uses, that is, different application markets, as long as the product quality makes its own characteristics, there will be a market. Our sintered corundum products are now more compact (3.6g/cm3), with higher strength and better thermal shock resistance. Our plate-like corundum crystal size can truly achieve the level of foreign companies. These differences from others are the fundamental guarantee for our foothold in the market.
Refractory window Wang Yanru: In view of timely payment by foreign customers, both domestic raw material enterprises and products enterprises are keen to develop foreign markets. And for our sintered corundum, alumina, spinel and other raw material products in the international market, what do you think is our advantage?
General Shao: At present, the foreign market opened by domestic enterprises is basically based on low prices. Now we are mainly exporting sintered corundum to maintain the operation of the production line. Next, we will gradually shift our focus to the export of plate corundum.
Wang Yanru, window of durable materials: Recently, I have received feedback. In order to cope with the competition of the same industry, some enterprises have at least reduced the quality of products. What do you think?
Mr. Shao: This is not easy for us to evaluate. However, the market is hierarchical, low-quality and low-price products are in great demand at present. Since customers need such products, of course, they need people to produce them to meet their needs. This is actually a problem of mutual selection between customers and manufacturers. Nothing else.
Wang Yanru: From Shao's overall development history, Shao's overall goal has been far away. What new plans and objectives will there be in 2017?
Shao Zong: In 2017, we will focus on the formal commissioning of high-quality calcined alpha-Al2O3 powder in rotary kiln and the start-up of the second production line of plate corundum. In terms of quality, we continue to increase investment in test equipment and personnel introduction, and continue to improve product quality. In addition, our company did not have sales staff before, all rely on product quality word-of-mouth sales. At present, with the rapid growth of the company's production and sales, it is necessary to establish a complete sales network, which is also a focus of 17 years'work. We hope that people of insight in the fire industry will join us to seek common development.

Wang Yanru, refractory window: In September 2016, Sintered corundum of Hengjia Company of Shao General was listed and sold, which was approved by enterprises such as skateboards and breathable bricks. I believe that with Shao's perseverance and perseverance, Hengjia will win more customers'favor. Happy New Year to Shao in advance, such as sesame blossom festival.

Mr. Shao: Thank you for the window made of refractory materials. Thank you. Happy New Year, happy family!
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