Warm congratulations on the upgrade of our website
2019-07-31 519

      With the development of the company, the style and content of the original company's website are far from meeting the needs of customer experience. In order to further show the scale and strength of Shandong Higiant High Purity Aluminum Technology Co., Ltd. to understand the company's products and services, the company decided to re-edit the website. The propaganda of the big network.
   The company has upgraded the website and opened a series of Chinese, English and Japanese websites to further provide high-quality services to customers at home and abroad. After careful planning by the professional website design company and the related personnel in our company, the new version of the website was successfully revised on August 1, 2019.
After the revision of the website, the application of new website development procedures and design concepts to give people a new visual experience; the layout of the module, page design, website content and functions have been greatly adjusted to strive for beautiful pages, reasonable structure, rich content, easy reading, but also highlight the humanized design after the revision. Plan.
    The emergence of the new version of the website will further close the distance between us and customers, so that we can accurately understand the needs of customers, but also enable customers to quickly and comprehensively understand our company's business, I hope you continue to pay attention to support, and make more valuable comments!

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