2017 alumina refractory raw material technology exchange meeting successfully closed
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  The 2017 alumina refractory raw material technology exchange meeting was held in Shengli, Shandong Province on April 21, 2017. The conference was sponsored by Shandong Zhongyi Material Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shandong Zhongyi") and Shandong Hengjia High Purity Refractory Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hengjia High Purity"), with more than 120 participants from more than 60 enterprises all over the country. China refractory window network as the participating media, covering the whole process.


              2017 Alumina Refractory Raw Materials Technology Exchange Conference Site

   The meeting was chaired by Mr. Chen Zhiqiang, former senior engineer of Luoyang Refractories Research Institute and general manager of Aiken Asia-Pacific Region. Mr. Liu Wei, President of China Refractories Industry Association, Chairman of Shandong Refractories Group Co., Ltd. and Mr. Sun Jian, Secretary of the Party Committee of Linchi Town, Zouping County, Binzhou City, Shandong Province, made welcoming speeches respectively.


 Mr. Chen Zhiqiang, Senior Engineer of Luoyang Refractory Research Institute and General Manager of Aiken Asia-Pacific Region


Mr. Liu Wei, President of China Refractories Industry Association and Chairman of Shandong Refractories Group Co., Ltd.

Mr. Liu Wei introduced that over the years, Shandong refractory enterprises have attached great importance to the introduction of new technologies and materials, actively promoted the adjustment of product structure and market structure, led by technology, and made important contributions to the development of high-temperature industry in China. However, in recent years, due to the continuous downward trend of refractory market demand. As well as capital, environmental protection and other factors, Zibo is facing enormous challenges. In particular, Zibo has just issued a notice on the adjustment of refractory industry. The original capacity of 3.3 million tons of refractory will be reduced to 1.5 million tons, which is a great challenge for enterprises. Shandong Zhongnai and Shandong Hengjia actively face the challenge, continuously increase investment in technology research and development, develop new refractory raw material products, expand the way of enterprise survival and development, develop and produce alumina powder and plate corundum series products, which have been widely used in refractory enterprises at home and abroad. With its stable product quality and high quality service, it has established a good image among customers.
   Mr. Liu Wei also hopes that the experts present will give more valuable opinions and suggestions on the development of Shandong refractory industry, work together to meet the challenges faced by the refractory industry and create a better future for the refractory industry.
    Mr. Sun Jian, Secretary of the Party Committee of Linchi Town, Zouping County, Binzhou City, Shandong Province, on behalf of the Party Committee Government of Linchi Town and Shandong Zhongnai and Hengjia Gaochun, warmly welcomed the arrival of scholars, experts and technicians, expressed sincere thanks to the leaders and friends who have always supported the development of Linchi Town refractories, and sincerely welcomed the people in the industry. Linchi Town will create a good environment for enterprises to invest in Linchi development.

Shao Changbo, General Manager of Zhongnai and Hengjia High Purity in Shandong Province, officially opened the technical exchange meeting with the report of "Discussing the Application of Plate Corundum and Al2O3 in Refractories".


 Mr. Shao Changbo, General Manager of Shandong Zhongshan High Temperature Resistant Materials Co., Ltd. and Shandong Hengjia High Purity Refractory Materials Co., Ltd.

The report "Application of Alumina Powder in Refractories" describes the classification of performance indexes of Alumina Powder from three aspects: chemical composition, physical index and application index, clarifies the difference between calcination and active Alumina Powder, and gives how to select single-peak, double-peak and multi-peak oxidation for castables. The specific effects of impurity elements in alumina powder on refractories and their roles in refractories are introduced in detail.
       In the report of "Application of Plate Corundum in Refractories", Shao always uses the explanation of "Alumina Alumina Crystals with Well-developed Alumina Crystals, Abnormally Grown Crystals can reach 40-200 um, Pores within Crystals < 15 Micron" of Aluminum America Company to summarize the Plate Corundum, and introduces the production process of Plate Corundum, from impurity content and bulk density. From the same angle, the slab corundum, white corundum and dense corundum are distinguished. Suggestions on the application and selection of slab corundum, white corundum and dense corundum at different temperatures are given. Patient answers to the questions about the use of sintered corundum and white corundum in air permeable bricks are given.


      Professor Ye Guotian, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Zhengzhou University

   After Shao's brilliant report, Professor Ye Guotian, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Zhengzhou University, presented a report on the effect of micro-powder morphology on the fluidity of pumping castables in pipes. Mr. Ye compared the pumping of concrete pumping and wet spraying castables in pipelines, and compared the particle size and appearance of silicon powder and alumina powder. It was pointed out that the morphology of micro powder was very important to the fluidity of pumping castables.


Dr. Xu Guotao, Chief Expert and Professor of Refractories, WISCO Research Institute

The report of Dr. Xu Guotao, chief expert and professor of refractories in WISCO Research Institute, on the application technology of alumina raw materials in refractories of iron system, adopts case method. From the point of view of application in iron and steel enterprises, it is pointed out that refractory technicians should first understand the principle, clarify the application direction, density, line change, and so on. Burning loss, seismic strength and other indicators are not necessarily proportional to service life. It is necessary to consider the comprehensive performance of raw materials to achieve a better cost-effective ratio, and win-win situation for raw materials, materials and iron and steel enterprises.


 Mr. Gu Ligang, former Director of Research and Development in Asia-Pacific Region of Vesuvius and Director of Technology of Tianjin Associated Mining Company

Mr. Gu Ligang, former director of R&D in the Asia-Pacific region of Vesuvius and director of Tianjin Associated Mining Technology, described the application of silica in cement-free silica-alumina castables based on the test results of cement-free silica-alumina castables. Silicon is a calcium-free sol powder of aluminium and silicon. It has the advantages of long storage life and less addition. Then, the data and charts show that the cementless castable with silica has the characteristics of high strength, easy demoulding and strong explosion resistance in low temperature drying.


Professor Wang Zhoufu, School of Materials and Metallurgy, Wuhan University of Science and Technology

Professor Wang Zhoufu, School of Materials and Metallurgy, Wuhan University of Science and Technology, gave a report on the hydration behavior and regulation of hydrated alumina. The classification of amorphous refractories according to their bonding modes and the requirements for bonding agents were explained. The preparation methods of hydrated alumina-p-Al2O3 were introduced in detail, although in corundum and corundum spinel. The application of quality, aluminium-magnesia, magnesia castables and iron groove castables, however, due to the rapid hydration speed, the hardening speed of materials is faster, the fluidity is poor, and the increase of water content affects the compactness of materials. The dehydration of spear specimens during baking process can easily lead to material bursting and low strength at medium temperature. Mr. Wang also showed the effect of temperature, additives, nano-silica, silica sol and magnesium oxide on the hydration behavior of hydrated alumina and the effect of dispersant on the rheological properties of hydrated alumina slurry by using specific experimental data and charts.


Mr. Jiang Hong, General Worker of Baoyi Refractories Co., Ltd. in Wuxi City

Mr. Jiang Hong, the former chief worker of Baoyi Refractories Co., Ltd. of Wuxi City, brought the final report of this exchange - "Application of high-quality refractory aggregate and powder in iron trench materials". Jianggong started with the application of plate corundum instead of fused corundum in iron trench materials, and compared the wear resistance and thermal shock stability of brown corundum, compact corundum, white corundum and plate corundum, which highlighted the good effect of plate corundum.
       Finally, under the leadership of Shao Changbo, general manager of Shandong Zhongnai and Hengjia High Purity Company, and Wang Yongting, director of marketing, we visited Shandong Zhongnai and Higiant High Purity Company.


The two companies are located in Guozhuang Industrial Park, Linchi Town, Zouping County, Binzhou City, Shandong Province, covering a total area of 50 mu. They have three production lines. Among them, a 106-meter high temperature tunnel kiln with an annual output of 9,000 tons of active alpha-alumina has been built in Shandong Province, and a rotary kiln has been used to produce calcined alpha-alumina with an annual output of 15,000 tons. Hengjia High Purity has a high temperature slab corundum shaft kiln with an annual output of 20,000 tons.                        


Testing equipment

In order to achieve product quality stability and uniformity, the R&D center of alumina-based refractories has invested more than 8 million yuan, equipped with advanced scanning electron microscopy, energy spectrum analyzer, X-ray fluorescence analyzer, XRD phase analyzer, particle size analyzer, BET nitrogen adsorption specific surface area detector, thermogravimetric analyzer and other detection equipment as well as reburning. Furnace, fully automatic high temperature stress-strain testing machine, fully automatic thermal shock resistance testing machine, etc. In addition to providing guarantee for the quality stability of alpha alumina and plate corundum produced by the company, it can also grasp the stability of raw material quality in time. It can also detect the phase of raw materials and products for customers, and understand the performance of raw materials used in refractories and the erosion of slag on refractories.
       The meeting was highly praised by the participants. It is generally expected that more meetings like dry goods sharing will be held. At the same time, the professional attitude of Shandong Zhongnai and Hengjia Gaochun to strive for excellence of "professional, dedicated, dedicated, high-quality, stable and high-purity refractory raw materials" will also be recognized. Looking forward to Shandong Zhonglai and Hengjia high-purity continue to make great efforts to become a well-known brand of alumina refractory raw materials at home and abroad, and make greater contributions to the development of China's refractory industry. (Editor: Wang Yanru)


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