"Alumina High-end Raw Materials and Refractory Technology Exchange" Held in Dashiqiao, Lia
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On November 15, 2018, the "Alumina High-end Raw Materials and Refractory Technology Exchange" co-sponsored by Shandong Hengjia High Purity Refractory Materials Co., Ltd. and Dashiqiao Zhenghe Refractory Materials Co., Ltd. was successfully held in Dashiqiao, Liaoning Province.
Professor Li Zhijian, Professor Zhang Ling, former Director of Research and Development in Asia-Pacific Region of Vesuvius, Mr. Gu Ligang, Deputy General Manager of Tianjin Associated Mining Technology, and Mr. Shao Changbofen, Chairman and General Manager of Hengjia, Shandong Province, were invited to make brilliant presentations. Special guests were former senior engineer of Luoyang Refractories Research Institute and former Eken Refractories. Mr. Chen Zhiqiang, a material expert, was presided over by Wang Yongting, Vice General Manager and Marketing Director of Hengjia, Shandong Province.
First of all, Mr. Luan Chuan, Vice Mayor of Dashiqiao City, made an opening speech. Mayor Luan welcomed guests from afar and representatives of refractory enterprises from Liaoning Province to gather in Dashiqiao. He thanked Dashiqiao for supporting the development of magnesia refractory industry and welcomed foreign enterprises to develop in Dashiqiao.
Next, Wang Yongting, deputy general manager and marketing director of Hengjia Shandong Province, introduced Hengjia Company to the participants. Hengjia is a professional manufacturer of alumina refractory raw materials, which has risen rapidly in recent years. It is located in Zouping, Binzhou, Shandong Province. Its main products are calcined alpha alumina, active alpha alumina and plate corundum. The second phase production line of plate corundum was completed and put into operation in October. The annual production capacity of the two production lines reaches 50,000 tons. The expansion of the production line is still under way. It is expected to be put into operation by the end of the year, when the annual production capacity of alpha alumina powder will reach 30,000 tons. In 2018, the new three-board listing will be realized. It is estimated that the annual sales of the project will reach 200 million yuan after the completion of production, and it has emerged in the domestic and foreign markets.
At the same time, Hengjia has advanced and perfect laboratory equipment and testing means to ensure the quality of Hengjia's stable products, while the separate logistics department provides guarantee for timely receipt of goods for customers.
Mr. Shao Changbo, chairman and general manager of Hengjia Shandong Province, also brought a wonderful and unusual report on the application of plate corundum and alpha-Al2O3 powder in refractories, which benefited the participants greatly and recorded the key points unconsciously in their notebooks. Shao Zong not only introduced the production technology of alpha-Al2O3 powder, clarified the classification principle of alpha-Al2O3 powder, but also explained in detail the existing forms of impurities and their effects on refractories. The function of alpha-Al2O3 powder in refractories was emphasized, especially the application of alpha-Al2O3 powder in corundum castables and how to select it. Suggestions are given. Then, the properties and characteristics of slab corundum are briefly summarized, and the slab corundum, white corundum and dense corundum are compared comprehensively. The application principle of corundum in refractories is given, which provides a reference for the selection of corundum raw materials such as castables and nozzle sliders. It is worth mentioning that Hengjia has already introduced plate corundum for air permeable brick core, which has been applied in non-fired air permeable brick in Fengcheng and has been highly praised by users.
Professor Li and Professor Zhang of Liaoning University of Science and Technology shared the "Brief Talk on Refractories Patent Application for Invention", "Microstructure and Properties of Refractories Raw Materials". Teacher Li's report let the enterprise understand the importance of patent declaration, and introduced how to apply for patent based on the patent approved by him before, which provided a reference for enterprises to successfully apply for patent. Mr. Zhang's report, taking the performance requirements of bauxite and magnesia in refractory industry as an example, gives a detailed description of the relationship between microstructure and properties.
Gu Ligang, former director of R&D in Vesuvius Asia-Pacific region and deputy general manager of Tianjin Associated Mining Technology, has brought benefits to refractory enterprises in Northeast China - functional additives for carbon-containing refractories. In particular, he recommended coal tar pitch, Beta resin and carbon black, introduced the beneficial performance of these additives to improve the performance of carbon-containing refractories, and provided technical personnel with the basis for product improvement.
This is the first meeting held by Hengjia in Northeast China. It is not only an opportunity for refractory enterprises in Northeast China to get a close understanding of Hengjia and Hengjia's high-end alumina raw materials, but also a pertinent technical exchange for in-depth exchange of the current application status and existing problems of alumina refractory raw materials, and give them one by one according to the problems. The corresponding solutions are put forward to achieve the goal of improving the performance of refractories.
Hengjia will, as always, adhere to the professional attitude of "professionalism, concentration, dedication and excellence", aiming at making refractory enterprises use high-quality, stable and high-purity refractory raw materials, become a well-known brand of alumina refractory raw materials at home and abroad, and contribute to the development of refractory industry in China.

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