Vice Mayor Lei Hao's Investigation in Linchi Town
2019-07-24 401

          On March 12, 2019, Vice Mayor Lei Hao came to my town to investigate the production and development of science and technology enterprises. Shang Xianwen, Director of Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology, Lu Youqiang, Secretary of the Party Committee of the town, and Liu Haiyuan, mayor of the town, accompanied him.







                                                                                    ▲Investigation site

       The research team visited Zouping Xingzhong Electroplating Center, Shandong Dazhan Nanomaterials Co., Ltd. and

Shandong Higiant High-Purity Alumina Technology Co.,Ltd. to have in-depth exchanges with the company's principals, to have a detailed understanding of scientific and technological research and development, product application and production and operation, and to enter the technology research and development laboratory. In this paper, the use of instruments, product characteristics and other aspects are discussed with scientific researchers. The research group pointed out that the government should give full play to the role of policy guidance and platform support, solve the difficulties and problems faced by science and technology enterprises, and strive to create conditions and services for the development of enterprises. At the same time, we hope that technology-based enterprises can base on their own technological research and development advantages, adhere to market orientation, create a number of high-tech products with unique brand characteristics, and further enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.

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