Shandong Higiant High-Purity TAS plate corundum is popular
2019-07-23 724

      Shandong Higiant High-Purity Alumina Technology Co.,Ltd.with TAS plate corundum participated in the first Metallurgical Furnace Material Trade Fair held in Tangshan from March 20 to 22, 2019. In the exposition, TAS plate corundum not only received the praise of domestic demanders, but also received the praise of foreign businessmen.

         Higiant TAS plate corundum can be applied to air permeable brick core, large sliding board, three parts, large medium frequency induction furnace lining and other products. It can help improve the volume stability, thermal shock resistance, corrosion resistance of refractories at high temperature, improve service life and reduce consumption. Now it has obtained Pu resistance, Lier, Kechuang, Yingkou four. Tong, Fengcheng Zhongyan and other permeable brick enterprises recognized.
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